Contact Us:
Mail:                  6701 Dorchester Road,
                           North Charleston  29418
Telephone:       (843) 552-0661
Fax:                    (843) 767-7808

Non Emergancy Maintenance Requests:
For Maintenance Please be sure to include your Apartment Number & specific details.



During normal business hours please call the office. After hours the answering service will dispatch our on-call maintenance technician.  If the problem is on your end (you locked yourself out, damaged the door, etc... you will need to pay the technician when they arrive $35.00 for a standard lockout.
Residents are responsible for all clogged toilet repair costs unless the toilet is faulty.  Cloggs that are a result if a resident's miss-use will be bill back to the resident.  In the event of the toilet is overflowing- TURN OFF THE SUPPLY WATER VALCE LOCATED BEHIND THE TOILET TO PREVENT FURTHER DAMAGE until the toilet can be repaired.  If your toilet is clogged use a plunger to remove blockage.
The sinks and toilets all come with indivual shut-off valves at each fixture.  Look behind or under the fixture to locate the shut-off valve.  Once you have shut off the valve contact the office. 
Please take care not to over work the garbage disposal.  Should the disposal become jammed.  Should you jam the disposal, remove items causing the jam and push the reset button at the bottom the disposal.  ONLY FOOD WASTE THAT CAN EASILY BE SHREDDED BE PLACED IN THE DISPOSAL.
Residents are responsible for replacing the batteries in their smoke detectors

Donaree Village is centrally located on Dorchester Road in North Charleston SC.  Tanger Outlets, Charleston Intenational Airport, Boeing, Bosch, and Joint Base Charleston are within a 3 mile radius of our community.